About Us

The story behind Crazy Trout Hunterz

The Crazy Trout Hunterz boys  are a tight knit little family: A father Rodney Allen, and his two sons Ashley Allen and Jack Allen.

We are based in the Snowy Mountains Australia, but originally came from Victoria.


We have been Fishing all our lives, we have fished all over NSW and Victoria. Rodney started fishing at a young age and took up fly fishing in his teenage years, Rodney then taught his sons fishing from a very young age. We have all progressed from bait fishing, to lure fishing, to now strictly fly fishing!

7 Years ago we decided to create a Facebook group "Crazy Trout Hunterz", it has grown massively and we have decided to create our own T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies and more!


We support catch and release as there's nothing quite as special as catching a wild trout! Whether it be a Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout or a Brook Trout.

And yes, even catching the odd Salmon and Hybrid. 

Over the years we have guided people around our Snowy streams and lakes, teaching them all about our trout. We have taught them about fish handling, stream Craft, Entomology lessons etc.

As you can tell, we are Aussie boys who absolutely love our fresh water fishing!

Jack Allen

Ashley Allen


Rodney Allen